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Logan Correctional Center

1096 1350th Street, P.O. Box 1000
Female prison
(217) 735-5581
Opened in 1978
Prison Description

Logan Correctional Center is located in Lincoln, 30 miles north of Springfield. Logan's living units consist of seven E-style units, three C-style units, one X-house, a segregation unit and a 15-bed infirmary health care unit. The facility encompasses 150 acres with 57 acres enclosed by fencing.  Logan Correctional Center serves a multifaceted population consisting of reception and classification, segregation, protective custody and mental health units as well as a state-of-the-art medical facility designated to provide care to pregnant and critically or terminally ill female offenders. The center's goal is to address the special needs of the female offender, as well as provide education, vocational, and industrial-based programming that willl enhance and support skill building within an entrepreneurial approach. The center's mission is to provide independence for the female offender and her dependents.

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mylene mayes

I do not see anywhere that the visits are limited to two week end visits a month. My husband and I drove 200 miles with our grandson only to be turned away from the prison. Very frustrating that it seems the information provided is not what is being told to us at the prison. I see that they do not let any one in after 630. The lady at the desk informed us that she closes up at 230. Why are we the visitors being treated as if we are th offenders? The staff for the most part today 3-23-13… Read more »

Jean Duignan

Is there a website with General Info about Logan Correctional Facility? My daughter was transferred from Dwight recently and I can find bits and pieces but nothing I’m looking for.
I need to know if the visitor list has be renewed and how. I cannot seem to find out how to pre-pay for phone calls.