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Dixon Correctional Center

2600 N. Brinton Avenue
Male prison
(815) 288-5561
Opened in 1983
Prison Description

Dixon Correctional Center fully supports the major focus of the center's mission is to provide a comprehensive mental health program to address the individual and group needs of the mentally ill. The center strives to provide a safe and secure environment where mentally ill and /or developmentally disabled offenders, who are in need of placement in a correctional psychiatric setting, will have the opportunity to participate in treatment and educational programs that will assist them in their ability to function productively, both within the correctional setting and in their communities upon release. Dixon Correctional Center is distinct in its size as IDOC's largest medium security facility and is unique in its diversity. The administration of the facility is divided into specialized areas that include units housing general population inmates, older inmates with special needs, inmates with disabilities as well as an infirmary.

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Can I send warm sweats to an inmate? if yes, how do I do it?


Hi Mary, Please note the following rules about sending items to an inmate at the Dixon Correctional Center: Section Navigation About Us Director Executive Staff Agency Overview FAQs Attorney FAQ Training Academy Industries Sustainability Administrative Rules History Forms Advisory Board Organizational Chart Features Breadcrumb IDOC About Us FAQ Frequently Asked Questions What is Sentence Credit? Does Corrections have a program of incarceration payments? What are “C-Number” inmates? How do sentencing laws work? Can I communicate with an inmate over the Internet? What is the situation with older inmates? I am a former inmate of IDOC and would like to have… Read more »