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Big Muddy River Correctional Center

251 N. Illinois Highway 37
Male prison
(618) 437-5300
Opened in 1993
Prison Description

The Big Muddy River Correctional Center is a medium security adult male facility, located one mile south of Ina in Jefferson County. The facility consists of a total of 20 buildings, which comprise more than 39,000 square feet. The living units consist of four X-type housing units, one receiving and orientation unit, one segregation unit and a 15-bed health care unit. The facility sits on a 78-acre site, with 38 acres enclosed by fencing.

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rebecca hissong

I have a son in Big Muddy Correctional facility and have had one visit. I am on probation at this time . I went to visit again and there is a stop on me Im his mother, my son wrote a letter to the warden to ask permission as well as I have done, my son got a letter back from warden saying No we could not visit, I want to know why! I love my son so very much he is my world , Please amswer me as to why


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