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Colorado Correctional Center (Camp George West)

15445 South Golden Road
N/A prison
(303) 273-1620
Opened in 1903
Prison Description

Camp George West was a military base for the Colorado National Guard, located at 15000 S. Golden Rd., Golden, Colorado. It was used as a rifle range, while artillery practice took place on Green Mountain, on the north side of present-day Hayden Park near Lakewood, Colorado. The Department of Defense Military Munitions Response Program has financed investigations to identify unexploded ordnance there since 2012. Camp George West is now used as a correctional facility, police training academy, and emergency operations center. It contains an Ammunition Igloo, a bunker used for arms storage, and Colorado Amphitheater, both of which are vacant.

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Alicia R Garcia

my question is what steps do i need to take to visit my son emilio nunez DOC number 159050 or if there is a way i may correspond with him via email or ground mail. any response would be greatly appreciated.
Alicia R Garcia