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Ironwood State Prison

19005 Wiley's Well Road
N/A prison
(760) 921-3000
Opened in 1994
Prison Description

ISP was activated February 1, 1994.  ISP has four semi-autonomous Level III facilities and an outside Level I facility.  Each of the facilities contains five 270 designed housing units with a 100 designed bed capacity.  Facilities A and B have been converted to house inmates with Sensitive Needs (SNY).  One of the Level III 270 designed housing units in Facility A also has been converted to house the Administrative Segregation Unit.  The Level I facility has two 100-bed housing units.  The institution does not have a firehouse; fire protection is provided by shared services with CVSP.

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Denise m davis

Looking for a slip to bring grand daughter to see inmate Senneca A Pentard her father like too get mother notarize a slip for permission to visit her father. Where can I get it ? Denise Mary Davis my son is a inmate and your prison


I am in a wheel chair and need to know how I can schedule a visit, will I be searched?
Thank you.