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California State Prison, Corcoran

4001 King Avenue
N/A prison
(559) 992-8800
Opened in 1988
Prison Description

CSP-Corcoran is a complex, multi-mission institution comprised of the following facilities: Level 1, Level III, Level IV, Administrative Segregation Unit, Security Housing Unit, Protective Housing Unit,Prison Industry Authority, a fully licensed Correctional Treatment Center, Long Term Restricted Housing and Enhanced Program Facility.

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neta mills

I want to see my son badly sinse the co got hurt the other co have been giving everyone in the shu a hard time. I know it makes thier jobs harder knowing the danger is all to real. But the co liked my son before this happened. He has a out date. And wouldn’t do something so stupid to stay there longer my son hasn’t recieved any of my letters and his belongings have been taken from him mostly his books that keep him sane.I am contacting Sara Malone today. To see if she can find out what is… Read more »