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California Institution for Women (CIW)

16756 Chino-Corona Road
Female prison
(909) 597-1771
Opened in 1952
Prison Description

The primary mission of the California Institution for Women is to provide a safe and secure environment for primarily Level I/III female offenders.  This mission is further defined by our responsibility to provide quality health care and institution programs specifically geared to meet the special needs of female offenders.  Specialized programs include academic and vocational programs, pre-release and substance abuse programming, pre-forestry and camp training, an arts in corrections program and a wide variety of inmate self-help groups and community betterment projects.

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Gloria Gomez

My daughter Erika M Gomez will be arriving Wednesday Jan 2 2013. I will I know when she arrives?


My quetion is my daughter was recently denied being release from SHU to general pop. on a 18month SHU term which she is now going on 3 1/2 years because the warden indicated that people from the SHU disrupt the yards which is unfair because just because one ruined it shouldn’t ruin it for others and I now she has to come back to committe in February and her counselor backed her up to get out of SHU I want to write a letter to the warden would that be ok or will it ruin it for my daughetr

Edward Mullis

Carolyn. You are dealing with the American prison system, which is in itself a virtual country of it’s own, with the “warden” being the “governor” of the unit and the States prison director being the president over the faux country. All prisons operate under the rules and guidelines of those two governing authorities within the state where the prison system exists. As a general rule, your daughter is serving too short of a sentence to be able to mount a finally successful challenge to virtually any decision made by one of those “governing authorities.” Because you have to go through… Read more »