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California Correctional Institution (CCI)

24900 Highway 202
Male prison
(661) 822-4402
Opened in 1933
Prison Description

When it originally opened in 1933, CCI housed female inmates.  A 1952 earthquake closed the facility.  It reopened in 1954 as a male institution.  In 1985, the state built the first new maximum security facility in more than 100 years at CCI.   The following year, the prison added a new medium custody facility.

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do u need an appointment for visiting? n if so how long in advance do u need to make an appt.?


Right, Jay. A crime is an act against a preosn. So preosns who have had crimes commited against them are the victims. Therefore, there is no such thing as a “victimless crime”. There are wrong things done that are not done to people, so there could be “victimless wrongs”.


Hi, has anyone heard about the reduction for minimum custody inmates and when the 2 for 1 credit earning will be implemented for this group? Also, my husband was sentenced in Sept 2013 for 4 years at halftime, so his halftime release date is 8/2015. Since the 2/10/14 court order, does this mean he will only be serving 33% of his remaining halftime? I’m confused and trying to get clarification on how this might be calculated. Any thoughts? Thank you!