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United States Penitentiary, Tucson (USP Tucson)

9300 South Wilmot Road
Male prison
Opened in 2007
Prison Description

A high security U.S. penitentiary with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.

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Cheryle Ann Harrison

I’m wondering if you have an online visitation form that i can fill out.

Edward Stamper Sr.

Do I need to notify the prison ahead of time if I am planning a visit? If so, how much time in advance do I need to notify anyone and how do I notify (phone number and who do I ask for or by mail, email, etc.)? Thank you.


What is the high security section like, dangerous? gangs? work and rec. programs?

Mary Foster

Please advise what is the address that I send eyeglasses to?
also, are we allowed to send packages with cookies etc – what are our limitations.


I’m writing a paper and I was wondering if I would be able to write Mr. James whitey bulger?

scott barham
scott barham

I have an elderly gentlemen friend that is spending life in your penitentiary. He is a loner yet he sings gospel music and plays guitar as well as anyone I have ever heard. He is rotting in his cell from depression and lack of purpose and I figure if the prison chaplain could hear him play and sing, my friend would have a purpose….perhaps prison ministry. Is it possible for me to send a CD of my friend playing gospel music to the chaplain or warden? Can you have either of them contact me? Or tell me how to contact… Read more »


If an inmate is at the satellite camp how soon would they be eligible for furlough? And what are the requirements?


Hi I am wondering if the USP Tucson is on lockdown??? My fiance got transfered from FCI Tucson to USP Tucson Tuesday Evening or Wednesday morning and I have not heard from him at all and really worried because he usually calls me and the kids like 5 times a day and emails me…. No one at the prison will give me any info and I’m very worried. Pleas if anyone knows anything please let me know asap

Joe Moreno
Joe Moreno

I am a process server in Hidalgo County, Texas. You have an inmate incarcerated in your facility. What is the procedure to have him served with divorce papers?